Frequently Asked Questions

Check-in time is 4:00 PM. Check-out time is 10:00 AM. Early check-in will be permitted only if the housekeeper or maintenance have completed their work.
Check out is at 10:00am. Please make sure all trash is in bags and not lying around. If you have used dishes, please make sure they are washed and put away.
Check-in is at 4:00 pm local time. You will receive an email with the check-in code 24 hours before arrival. The check-in code is sent out only if you have signed the rental agreement and you have provided us with a valid state governemnt ID.
You must be atleast 25 years or older to rent a cabin; a valid government issued photo ID is required before arrival. Rental agreement will be sent via email and must be e-signed before arrival. We have the right to refuse rental to any individual or group if they do not agree to sign the rental agreement and abide by the house rules set forth in the agreement. Absolutely NO house parties
Occupancy varies by the cabin you rent. Renter is required to provide the accurate number of guests prior to check-in. No additional day or night time guests are permitted unless otherwise approved prior to check-in.
We have a 2 night minimum stay on most reservations, however durign certain time periods in the year minimum nights may be more. Exceptions will be made if nights rented falls between two other reservations and minimum number of nights are not possible. Please note: No reservations will be scheduled for arrival on Thanks Giving and Christmas Day.
Security Camera are in use 24x7. The secuirty camera monitors the entrace only. There are no security camera inside the house. Any tampering with, disabling, blocking or disconnecting the devices will result in immediate eviction from the property.
No pets allowed.Absolutely no smoking inside the premises. Smoking is permitted outside on the deck only. Please do not dispose cigarettes on cabin property grounds
The guest(s) agree to indemnify and hold Thunder Mountain Cabins and/or the cabin owner(s) harmless from any and all claims, including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to a guest’s use of the premises or the items of personal property provided therein. All guests assume the risk of injury, death, or other losses related to any recreational activities or use of the premises and will hold owner and its agents harmless with respect thereto. You agree to hold the cabin owner and Thunder Mountain Cabins free and clear of any liability or compensation for damage to self or property, resulting from accident, injury, death, or loss of enjoyment resulting from weather or inoperable appliances, amenities, and/or equipment (including hot tub, Jacuzzi, Internet access, barbecue grills, electronic games, water, heat and air, i.e.)
The guest(s) agree to leave the cabin in an undamaged condition. Guest understands they are solely responsible for and assume all liability for any damages to the cabin during their stay. In the event of damage, theft, or the need for excessive cleaning guest authorizes Rental Agent to charge credit card on file to cover the expense to bring the cabin back to original state during their arrival. If damages are considered excessive, we will contact our local police authorities to report the damages as vandalism. At this point a police report will be recorded as this would now be considered a crime. Should the guest dispute the charges or the credit limit on the credit/debit card on file is not sufficient to cover the damages/theft/cleaning, Rental Agent reserves the right to charge the guest with vandalism and/or pursue collection from the guest with venue being in the county of Sevier, in the state of Tennessee and/or pursue legal action for criminal offense. All reasonable attorney fees will be at the expense of the guest if collection becomes necessary. Any damages or problems not reported by guests upon arrival will be charged to the guest. Any accident or damage to cabin or personal property must be reported within 24-hours of occurrence.
Please consult your physician if you have any concerns or questions regarding usage of pool and hot tubs.In compliance with Sevier County Health Department all hot tubs are cleaned and treated before the guests arrive. The water may not be warm until later in the evening of your arrival. Hot tub usage is at your own risk. Guests with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores or wounds should not us the hot tub due to the possibility of spreading infection. Children under the age 12 are prohibited from using hot tub unless accompanied and supervised by their legal guardian. If any residue from items such as bath products, food, alcohol, etc. is found in the hot tub guests will be charged a cleaning fee no less than $100. Usage of the pool is at your own risk.
Fireplaces are seasonal amenities and are not operational from April through September. Occasionally fireplaces need repairs. We do not offer any refunds or relocations for them being out of order. We will certainly make every effort to repair and/or restore the use of fireplace. On some cabins we use electric fireplace. In case of electric fireplace, please make sure that you turn off the fireplace before leaving.
Power outages may occur due to storms or other natural reasons. For faster service and to get an update on when the power will be restored, please contact Sevier County Electric Company at 865-774-6300 to report the problem and get more information.
We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Items can be returned at guests expense. Any firearms left in the cabin will be handed over to our local law enforcement agency. It is the guest's responsibility to contact them to retrieve your firearm. No firearms will be shipped to any guest. Use of fireworks/firearms at our cabin is absolutely prohibited. This will result in immediate eviction without any refund.
Maintenance is available from 9:00 am to 5:00pm local time. After 5:00pm, maintenance is dispatched on emergency calls only.